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Mason Brown

“Got my PR today!! I can’t thankGoldman Pintex enough, especially their support staff for providing their help with filing all the relevant paperwork throughout this process. This is one really happy customer you’ve gained right here. Thanks!! ”

Resident Visa Australia

Noah Austin

“The staff in your agency are really awesome! Everything was handled with utmost professionalism, plus they always kept in touch with important updates – time difference notwithstanding. Big thumbs up!”

Australia Work Permit

Oliver Jackson

“Getting an Australian visa was a truly life-changing experience for me, and Goldman Pintex were there offering support every step of the way – talk about reliable! I will definitely be using their services again, that’s five stars from me.”

Australian Visa 457

Richard Turner

“Thanks for a splendid job. The team worked round the clock to ensure that I was able to include my wife and two kids in our visa application with minimal hitches. We’re now settled into Australian life and are already making friends. Again, kudos for a job well done! ”

Subclass 457 Visa

Susan Miller

“I’m truly grateful to the Goldman Pintex team for helping me acquire a 457 visa sponsorship. The way they talked me through the process, helped me with a free assessment and helped me dot all the “I”s and cross all the “T”s in my paperwork – very professional and helpful. I recommend them to anyone having issues with their visa. Thanks!”

457 Sponsorship

Laura Green

“Let me say right off the bat that I’m a stickler for detail. Most people who work with me know that I’m not easy to please. So you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to find someone who met all my expectations in terms of sticking to schedules and getting all the paper work processed on time. The staff at Goldman Pintex were available even outside of business hours to ensure that I got RSMS visas for my employees on time. Professional, friendly, and very competent on immigration matters – I really couldn’t ask for more from any organisation. Thanks.”

187 RSMS

Divya Singh

“When trying to get my partner to move into the country from India, I sought the help of a migration agency – whose name I shall not disclose. Let’s just say it was an experience to forget, and leave it at that. After 2 years of not making any progress, I enlisted the help of Goldman Pintex, after getting a referral from a friend. It was a completely different experience from the first one, which helped restore my faith in the Australian immigration system. Within 4 months, my partner had his visa and we’re now happily married and living together in Perth. I doubt we could have done it without the help of dedicated staff from Goldman. I recommend this agency to anyone looking to migrate and work in Australia.Well done, guys!”

187 RSMS Visa

Luvleen Kaur

“These guys definitely know their stuff! The team leader who was allocated to handle my paper-work was helpful and professional all the way; no detail was too small for him to handle – he went the extra mile to ensure I got my visa on time. Now I’m happily settled and working in Australia, and I don’t know if I could have done it without them. Thanks Goldman Pintex!”

Regional Sponsored Visa

Andrew Adams

“Goldman Pintex helped us overcome the major obstacles we experienced during our visa application process, and they were quite a number – believe me! But they were always on hand to offer assistance, and thanks to their in depth knowledge of all the procedures, everything turned out ok at the end. I now have my visa, and I can’t thank them enough for it.”

RSMS 187

Brian Hughes

“Goldman Pintex have an astounding understanding of the legal requirements involved when applying for an Australian visa. Their professional and practical approach to immigration matters makes the process a lot easier. Big thank you!”

Temporary Business Sponsorship, 457 visa Subclass & ENS Subclass 856

Divya Gupta

“Back in 2012 while I was working in the US, I wanted to acquire Australian residency. However, I was hampered by a lack of free time and a lot of confusion from the huge amount of information I’d gathered from the Australian immigration website. Luckily a friend residing in Australia referred me to Goldman Pintex, and they guided me through the whole process upon contacting them. They turned a potentially nightmarish situation into a calming and fulfilling process thanks to their proactiveness, professionalism and ability to keep things simple and straightforward. I was able to get my Australian residency in a mere three months without a hitch. Very satisfying experience, thanks a lot!”

Skilled – Independent, Subclass 175

Edward Lewis

“Talk about professional. The folks at Goldman Pintex really know their stuff. They helped process my visa application when I was overseas; the best part is the speed with which this was accomplished. If you’re ever in need of a migration agent, Goldman Pintex should be the first port of call.”

Business Visa

Robert White

“When I needed help with me, and my family’s permanent residency application in Australia, Goldman Pintex team was there to assist and did it in a professional and friendly manner. I recommend them to anyone looking to migrate in the near future.”

Temporary Business Sponsorship, 457 visa Subclass & ENS Subclass 856

Lisa Wright

“All our Australia Visa requirements have been handled by Goldman Pintex, and so far they’ve done a brilliant job. Being in HR, my team relies heavily on their expertise to guide us when recruiting and doing job placement for employees from overseas. They’ve never put a foot wrong. Great job!”

Temporary Business Sponsorship, 457 visa Subclass

Paul Green

“I’ve used Godman Pintex’s services for a while now, and I can’t say I have any complaints. I have always found their work to be brilliant and delivered expertly. They give expert advice on migration matters and are always up to speed on the latest development. Thank you for your wonderful service!”


Temporary Business Sponsorship, 457 visa Subclass

Maria Robinson

“Kudos to the Goldman Pintex team who have been immense from the beginning to the end of my visa application. I definitely recommend their services; they showed professionalism with a human touch. They never got tired of all my questions regarding the process and were ready to guide me with every step. Patient, professional and reliable – what more could you ask for? Well done, guys.”


Partner visa, Subclass 300

David Evans

“I was looking for expert service, and Goldman Pintex didn’t disappoint. They handled my account with theutmost professionalism and were always available and friendly in our dealings. I recommend them to anyone looking for quick and affordable service.”

New Zealand Family Relationship, Subclass 461

James, John and PatriciaSmith

“They’re without a doubt the best Migration Agents ever!! Thanks a million for all your support; couldn’t have acquired this visa were it not for your dedication.”

Partner Visa


Robert Thomas

“Working with Goldman Pintex has always been a pleasure. Talk about taking the ball and running with it! Plus they handle everything with a professional touch.”

Temporary Business Sponsorship, 457 visa Subclass

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